Dr. Susmita Parija

Content Specialist

Personal Well-being,Inspiration

Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. She is an epitome of positivity. A doctorate, an academician and a lady with value, Dr.Susmita has coached, mentored and trained over 25,000 students and professionals during her 17+ years of experience around human resource management, life skills, and training. Extremely sensitive and understanding of the challenges, problems, and issues around, Dr.Susmita helps people to realize the value of their life and reach the higher realm. She has a passion for writing and connects with the world through words. An avid writer, Dr.Susmita writes columns, blogs, articles, research papers covering all the walks of life. She envisions to spread happiness through communication, self-awareness, and healing. Her world is wrapped around her family & especially her beautiful daughter, ‘Angie’. She finds enjoyment in indulging with her through storytelling and helping her realize the meaning of life. She knows that Love is built through the difficult ant the easy times and she does not give up how bad the situation may be. Dr.Susmita is an inspiration. Say Hello! to her over a cup of Tea

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Dr. Susmita Parija
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Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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