Fool-Proof Marketing Ideas for your Online Courses

Creating and Selling Online courses is of course a good idea to connect with your audiences, build your authority in your niche, brand awareness & promotion, and a great way to generate revenue. You are providing something valuable to your audiences, an online course that has been designed by you, and people can learn their favorite topic from your online courses, at the comfort of their homes, at their convenience. The Online Courses have been in trend because students can take up those courses at their convenience, without disturbing their regular time-table or schedule. The course materials are always accessible to them online.
Amidst this COVID-19, where students and other working professionals have been forced to stay homes, some want to utilize this time productively, gain and enhance their knowledge and skills. This is a perfect time to market and get leads for the online courses that have been designed by the professionals who have poured their hard work and efforts to create their online course.
Here are a few Fool-Proof Marketing Ideas for your online courses:
1.    Targeting your audience: It is first important to understand for whom your online has been designed before moving to market your online course. If you have designed a course within your niche, then it might be easy to aware of your followers, audiences, visitors, etc, as they have been regularly visiting your website and receiving updates on your activities if they have subscribed themselves with you. Further, understand what is the current demand for your courses and do your audiences or any people have enrolled themselves into these courses. These would help you save your time, efforts, and funds by marketing your courses to your targeted audience only who would in the end be the buyer of your course.
2.    Share your brand story: Brand Story helps you to connect with your audiences better and has the power, delight, touch, inspire, challenge, and motivate. Have a strong and compelling brand story and tell your audiences why your brand exists, what problems you have seen and thriving to solve through your brand, how important is your brand, your failures, what efforts have been put to make and create a unique recognition of your brand, how different you are from others, and why should they choose you. Your brand story gets attention, and eventually, people will prefer your brand over others.
3.    Building valuable and engaging content: Content matters when you are marketing anything on the online platform. Producing and sharing valuable content that matches your course or subjects helps the visitors understand the importance of your course. To make them aware and compel to buy your online courses show them some real-time data, statistics, facts, etc. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog to keep receiving regular updates and trending information in your niche. 
4.    E-mail Marketing: You have been already working to attract huge traffic to your website and you have asked your visitors to subscribe to themselves with you for receiving further updates. Use your E-mail lists and start sending e-mails to your subscribers regarding your online courses and share other valuable information.
5.    Arrange webinars for your followers & subscribers: Webinars are an amazing way to connect with your followers, subscribers & admires. You have created a huge fan base and connecting with them on a personal level through webinars will surely make them realize how important they are to you. You can address thousands of people under a single platform. Make some huge announcements regarding your online courses. Offer them on the spot discounts so that people can immediately purchase your courses. Motivate and convince them of the benefits of your online courses.
6.    Offer a mini-course for free to your subscribers: You can send a mini-course of your main course to your subscribers to let them know what your online course comprises of. It will help to create a preview of your large and main course to your subscribers. You can send them a link to your main course where they can complete their purchase of your online course.
7.    Social Media: Promote your courses across all your social media platforms so that your followers, audience, and other people know about your online course. Use Facebook to join different groups and promote your online courses. You can also host live sessions where you can connect with your audience and tell them about your online courses. Make the most use of Facebook Ads to run target-based ads for promoting your online courses.
8.    Collect Reviews: Your online course is a product and it is important to collect reviews and know what people think about your courses and how it has helped them. You can place the reviews on your landing page, share it on social media, etc. This encourages people to buy your products after knowing what values your courses have been providing.
9.    Create a dedicated landing page for your course: While promoting your online courses on social media or through e-mail marketing make sure your audience straight-away land on your sales page or your product page so that they go through your course description, read reviews and can make payment for purchasing the course.
You don’t need to be a pro marketer to market your online courses. These are some of the simple ideas or marketing strategies that will help your online courses to have a huge reach. You can decide as to what offers you will make, whom to offer the free courses, when to arrange webinars, etc.


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