How to promote an Educational Institute with the Right Marketing Strategy

Education is a vast and complex sector to market in this growing digital era. Education is a necessity today. Through education, one can learn, have a different perspective towards the world, etc. In the world, there are plenty of educational institutions that provide different courses in different aspects, but the main focus for them is promoting the educational institute. The more the educational institute outreach themselves, the more the students will come to their educational institute for learning. It will enhance the quality of the students coming to the institute thereby defining the quality of the institution.

The education institute can attract more students if it has an environment- friendly atmosphere to studying along with quality education.

To promote the educational institute, there are mainly two main approaches to market the educational institute you should consider-
1)    Digital Marketing
2)    Traditional Marketing (Offline marketing)


Digitalization has taken over the world to promote business online. Similarly, digitalization is a medium for education. To make attract more students to the institute in less amount of time, the digital medium has to be the option for the educational institute. There are strategies to be adopted to promote the educational institute. 

a)    Website of the institute
The website is the face of the institute in the virtual form. The student visits the website first to know about the institute and its various courses and the other events. So, the information you offer on the website must be clear along with the courses, pricing for the various course, etc. The website of the institute should be designed attractively and responsively. For the online presence and to reach the targeted audience, the website can help you to promote the brand institute.

b)    SEO    
The SEO helps your website to gain good ranking on the various search engines. The optimization of the on-page of the educational website, digital marketing will help to get more traffic on your website. Using SEO, the faster gain in the ranking on the search engines is attained.

c)    Use of Social Media
Social media is everywhere in the world. The parents and the students are on social media. Making awareness about the institute can attract the students' minds. There are many social media platforms where you can market your educational institute.

i) Instagram – It has become one of the best to show the reality of the educational institute. With the reach and interacting with followers, you can reach out regarding the courses, extracurricular activities offered by the institute. You can post attractive photos of depicting the institute. Instagram stories to allow the live broadcasting of the various events of the institute.

ii) Facebook Ads –   The Facebook Ads works as a tool in connecting with the targeted students. The authentic pictures of the educational institute along with the alumni can lead to advertise your institute and reach the targeted audience. Communicate by using the option to share, like, and comment with users. Always have relevant content on the Facebook ads so that it will work better. You can include the option of making an appointment for a campus tour by easy online registration to students. 

iii) Google ads – Google ads make digital marketing more effective. If the budget is present for marketing digitally, google ads will is a good option to drive the traffic to your website. Creating tailor-made ads can help attract traffic.  

d)    Posting Video Online
In the world of the modern digital fast era, people prefer to seeing the video. By making the short and effective video of the institution, little dialogue with the past alumni, course information will help to market and reach people more efficiently as visual experience has more impact. The videos can be posted on Youtube, websites of the institution, etc.  Even a virtual tour of the campus is an effective way to engage the student and their parents.  

e)    Email Campaigning           
Though e-mail marketing seems to be an old horse, it is an effective and easy way to reach and communicate with the targeted audience. Email marketing is budget-friendly too, as it is much cheaper than many of the other online media.



Traditional marketing is the marketing by using the pamphlets, Advertisements on televisions, Hoarding advertisements, etc. which is still used largely in the modern world. The Traditional way had its charm in the past decade. But in this era, people have turned more towards the digital way. The use of the traditional way of marketing combined with effective digital marketing can help promote the educational institute and reach the maximum people.

So, to promote the educational institute, digital marketing is a must. We at 72 DPI Skillz, the established marketing agency is there to help promote the educational institute in a cost-effective way to the various targeted audience.


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