Marketing Strategies for Interior Design firm

Interior Design firms are growing day by day in the digital era. This is a world of innovative designers. The market survey also shows that the interior design business will grow manifolds in the coming years. To cope with the market and catch the bus, you need to apply and switch to updated marketing strategies. 
There is phrase rightly, “My art speaks for itself, Why do I need to market myself or my firm”. Yes, quality art indeed speaks for itself but in this modern time, it is not sufficient. There are many competitors in the market that will affect your business if you don't apply or get updated to marketing strategies.
Following are the essential digital marketing strategies for the interior design firm:-

Setting up a website (WordPress):
WordPress website is easy to keep the website updated. It is simple, quick, and easy to update the contents in it. It comes with built-in blogs by default. So, no setup installation or any other thing needed. For getting the traffic, you need to be on top of the Google ranking. The WordPress website of the interior design enables us to rank faster on Google Ranking. Some of the basic things your website needs- a) Simple yet attractive design. b) Portfolio Page c) About and contact Page d) Pop-up option that asks the website's visitors their email. 
Posting How-To Articles:
Writing How-to articles enhances the targeted people on how to work themselves. When you provide useful articles and posts on the website or the other media pages, you will be known as the authority in the field. The interior design blogs help to gain popularity in the field of interior design. The firm gets its needed attention and potential customers to approach you by reading the articles. The brand marketing agency makes you aware of these things to boost the business.

Social Media Accounts:
Every social media platform has a unique tone. The Facebook page is popular for showcasing interior work. Along with the Facebook page, there are other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest where you can get a large amount of exposure. The interior design firm must sort out the data to be posted on each platform as each has its style. Your Facebook post won't work on Linkedin. 

Showcase the Content on Social Media:
Once, your website and your social media are updated, you need to start sharing the articles and the content on the website and social media pages. Writing a custom article of the particular work done and highlighting it may be useful in attracting the audience. The more the views of the articles, the higher will be your Google ranking. 
The key to getting the business is to focus on which social media platform you can earn good business.

Email Marketing: 
Remember the pop-ups on your website, its time to send the potential client the emails. It is a tried and tested marketing strategy the interior designer company must use. It is a direct way to communicate where you can share the photos, past artistic work, share useful tips, articles, etc. 

Signing up on different communities:
Houzz is an online community of architects, interior designers, and house renovators. You can not only get to communicate with the potential prospects but also advertise your company as a brand. There are many more communities where you can showcase your work. Picture your artistic work, posting videos of the existing work, rendered 3-D views helps in attracting the house dreamers.

Virtual Space:
The process of designing or staging an interior allows design by using various software. The prospects can view the interior virtually of how things will look after completion. The more you use this type of software, the more you will be able to establish the interior designing firm as a brand. The posting of these virtual images on the website can help grasp the attention of the viewer and make them eventually your customer.

Ratings and feedbacks:
The star rating on Google, Facebook, and other directories can do wonders for your business. The bifurcation is done from other interiors designers in the area about which is the best interior designing firm. The feedback you get from the client can be used to advantage to your business and can be kept on the website. For example - If one searches for the best interior designing firm in an area on Google, your firm should become on the top. It can be done by getting positive ratings and feedbacks. 

Posting Case studies:
Identify the problems that you faced while designing form the past work. Make a note of the various points that customers asked frequently. Make a list of those points that you had to encounter in the past. 

Example: a) How can I fit all these in one place?

                b) Will the budget be sufficient to make the house look new? 

                c) Will the Color combination for the curtains, sofa couch, furniture match?

Greeting Note:
If you spoke to a client on telephone or online chat, send the greeting to them that will give them the comfort that you appreciate the time spent by them with you. Let them know the value of the time spent. The clients always remember the service you give. It will make the existing customers to appreciate your gesture and thereby help them in becoming your loyal customers.

Much like the, we war always keep on researching the competitors. Learn the key marketing strategies which are benefiting you and you must also identify your weak points. It will make you improve and retain the existing clients too and of course adding many new ones.
If you need to go in a professional way to work, 72 DPI Skillz, one of the best marketing agencies, can help you to grow and market your interior design firm.


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