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Specialised Mobile App Development Agency
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Developing innovative, purposeful and creative apps with Passion!

An app is the most sought-after customer accessibility solution used by many businesses to seamlessly connect and interact with their customers. The flexibility and customization of an app offer make it the most preferred engagement medium for the customer’s delight. A mobile app (either android/ iOS) makes it easier to curate user-centric personalized communication.

At 72 DPI Skillz, our focus is very much central to the accessibility and usability of the apps; to build software that is innovative, reliable, and scalable and drives better user engagement and experience. Our app development solutions are creative, customer-focused, performance-driven, strategic mobile solutions that deliver results.

Our creative and passionate teamwork behind the scenes to curate custom mobile solutions seamlessly for startups and enterprises. Our experienced software development team will support you across your journey from brainstorming the idea, developing an app concept, exploring all the possibilities together to creating a digitally transformative mobile solution.

App Development Services
App Development Services

How do we create the right Mobile App that your Customers will Love!

We thrive to create the best mobile applications and work end-to-end through the concept, strategy, design, integration, migration and upgrade, and maintenance and dedicated support.
Our primary focus on app development is giving the customers the most innovative experience in design and the interactions.
Users love tailored content as per their preferences. Once they choose their preferences, your app can deliver them their preferred content so that their experience with your app & business tends to grow stronger and they prefer your brand over others.
Interactive functionalities give immersive experience and drive customer engagement. Innovative features and swipe gestures like a drag, pinch, hold, tap, double-tap, and more, performs certain action that increases user interest.
An app can be designed to drive customer engagement. For instance, reminders to book appointments, pay monthly bills, refill their stock, and the push notifications can remind their scheduled appointments, or update them about their daily activities, etc

For every business flexibility is the key. Being flexible to the customer’s unique requirement and delivering the most innovative solution.


Our end-to-end App Development Solutions

It is important to give your customer a good experience while navigating through the app


Our objective of mobile development is to not only bring your imagination to reality through custom android apps, but also help your organization to reach more customers, operate more efficiently.


Custom, Dynamic, and latest applications designed and developed exclusively for iPhone andiPaduse that meets the business requirements.


Native apps are designed specifically for one platform or operating system (OS). You can have a native android app or iOS app. The native apps are faster and reliable in terms of performance and can easily access the device features.


A web application runs a web browser that can be accessed by the user through a web server with an active internet connection. They do not need to be installed on mobile devices.


Hybrid Apps are a mixture of web applications and native applications. Like the native apps, they have a place at the app store and the app developed is a single app for all platforms.

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App Development Services

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