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FAQ's - Digital Marketing

We are an integrated digital marketing agency. Every business has its unique goals to be completed. Depending upon the business types and its revenue goals, we give a structured plan to the marketing strategies. After the structure of the digital marketing plan is carved, then we strategically implement a series of various digital marketing activities.
Being an integrated digital marketing agency, we first understand your business needs and your present market position. Then we carve structure for your digital marketing. Our digital marketing services will give you the following benefit.
  • Primarily increases reach and the awareness
  • Generate leads and lead conversion
  • One to one interaction with the audience
  • Increase in the opportunity to reach the targeted audience
  • The benefits do not end here.
    We are an integrated digital marketing agency that works with different types of businesses. It may include business to business marketing or business to a customer marketing or e-commerce marketing or any other type of businesses so that you can gain from our professional digital marketing services.
    Depending upon your business type and its size, we strategize the best digital marketing channels for your business. There are various digital channels thorough which we run digital marketing campaign such as
  • Search engines
  • Social media channels
  • E-mails
  • SMS
  • Applications
  • Our services do not end up with these marketing channels. There are some more marketing channels through which we promote market and advertise your business.
    Your digital brand awareness primarily depends on your online presence. We provide you with the best marketing strategies that help you to gain your online brand awareness. Your online presence is directly proportional to search engine optimization. It means that we help you create the optimized content that helps you to rank better in search engines.
    Many SEO practices may vary from business to business. Following are some of the best SEO practices that may help you to gain your brand awareness through the search engine.
  • Mobile-first website
  • SEO optimized website content
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Interlinking of contents
  • Overall website
  • These are some of the practices that need more search engine and keywords research. We help you win this marketing strategy by the most targeted keywords.
    Advertising your business on the digital platforms help you to gain awareness as well as it gives measurable results in increasing your revenue. Depending on the type of business we help you to choose the type of advertisements that fits best for your business.
  • Pay per click advertisements
  • Google ad-words
  • Search engine ads
  • Social media paid ads etc.
  • These are some of the practices that need more search engine and keywords research. We help you win this marketing strategy by the most targeted keywords.
    We understand the importance of public relation. It helps you to convert and nurture leads. Maintaining public relations help you to retain and engage the customers with your brand. We help you in maintaining your public relations through.
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media posts
  • It helps to increase your brand awareness along with that it helps you to increase your brand visibility amongst a large number of audiences.

    FAQ's - Website Design

    We help you to build the website which drives most targeted traffic to your website. The attractive and SEO friendly content will help you to drive more leads to your website. We make sure that your website is structured exclusively for your business. We build a website that is
  • User friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Generate leads
  • Easily accessible
  • Mobile and other devices responsive
  • These are some of the features of our website designing process. To know more contact us on our website.
    Building a website according to your business needs some amount of time. We first need to discuss your business idea and after the discussion, we can calculate the time taken to build your website.
    Every business needs to have a different website. Hence, the cost of the website depends on
  • Your size of the website
  • Type of your business
  • Addition of graphics to be used
  • Styling of the same
  • Approaches to building a website differ from business to business. Building a website needs a very strategic approach. Depending upon business type and size, the strategy depends. With a better understanding of your business needs, we build a website which is accessible and SEO friendly. We build a website which focuses on gaining leads for your business.
    Yes, with the utmost care and market understanding, we build a website which is suitable for your business. An E-commerce website is also a part of it.
    We understand the need for freshness on the website also, with the change in time you need to redesign your website with the present situation. We strategize and with newer ideas and trends give your website a new face.
    Yes, we make sure that when we design your website, it does contain the content management system so that you can add your valuable content in your website. The content management will be secured, so that you can make changes or update the website content whenever and from wherever you want. We will also make sure that you also know how to operate the content management system so that it will be easy to use the website hustle free.
    We provide you with the analytic tools and software such as Google analytics so that you can track your website performance. It means that it helps you to understand where the traffic to your website came from.

    FAQ's - Branding

    Branding, in simpler words, is the process of creating a unique identity of your business. It includes name, logo, symbol, or design as an identity of your business. Branding is not only limited to the terms like the logo or name of the business but also it is much more than that. Our agency will help your business to tell its importance, values, and story behind establishing the company. Branding is all about retaining trust for your business in the mind of people. Our branding process helps your business to solve the question of why the targeted audience should choose products produced or sold by them.
    Branding is indeed a process of creating a unique identity for your business. Similarly, the process of branding will also be unique to your company. There is no branding process that one fits for all. We are an agency with a vision for creating a structural and strategic branding process exclusively for your company. But, your branding strategy may include mainly the following elements,
  • Logo and design
  • Content for creating your brand story
  • Telling your brand story that communicates about you and your brand values
  • Developing a brand needs a planned strategy to be followed. It includes unified elements such as website, signature cards, e-mails, contents, automation in e-mails, etc. it is all about building trust. After developing your brand, you will surely attract the traffic, build a loyal customer base along with a polished identity in the market. Our only focus while developing your branding strategy will be to grow your business with a positive and trustful reputation.
    Both terms look similar, but they are different. While marketing your business, you talk about your business and product that will help the people. You will convince the people based on how the product produced or sold by you will be helpful to them. Whereas while brand marketing, you will be talking about your business as a whole. You will be talking about your brand's beliefs and values. The story of your brand will help you to showcase how you are interested in solving their challenges. Brand marketing will help you to connect people with your brand.
    Building your brand is building your identity. A brand if, developed with care, brings trust towards the business. Building trust is not one night's work, as it needs to undergo a strategic process. It should be a unified work to be done by the marketing team. Hence, it takes some time to develop your brand, as it may be months or years. In short, it is a long term process.
    Developing a brand needs to invest some money we understand. But the cost of branding a business mainly depends on the type of business. After a deep understanding of the market and your needs, we will design your branding strategy. We understand and care for each penny you have invested in developing your brand. Hence, we make sure that the cost of your brand development is designed wisely according to your brand.

    FAQ's - Content Marketing

    Content marketing is all about creating and sharing the content in the form of blogs, articles, photos, posts, videos and many other formats. The main objective of content marketing is to generate awareness about your brand by educating people. Hence, we create content which is both educational and informational.
    It depends on your business or company which type of content should be widely used for marketing or advertising.
    Good quality content is an important tool for marketing your business. To make good quality content, we use the following updated tools:
  • HubSpot
  • WordPress
  • Google docs
  • Google analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • All of the above tools help you create the best quality content with the most targeted keywords.
    With greater market research and better market understanding, we create good content that gives you the following benefits
  • Give your best Google ranking
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Helps you reach and communicate with customers
  • We strategize your content marketing in a way to suit your brand successfully.
    Content marketing is not well-defined marketing. We need to plan and create a heart touching customized content marketing strategy. Hence, the cost of your content marketing is also customized.

    FAQ's - Creative Design Services

    Being creative in marketing helps you to appear bright in the competition. We help you to attract people using colour psychology. Visual appearance helps you to attract more audience than anything. It helps you to develop your business as a brand. Following are the creative ways we provide you
  • Logo
  • Website design
  • Printing ads
  • Content writing
  • Signboards
  • Social media and many more
  • Our graphic design services help your businesses as well as your products to appear different. We believe in giving your business image a little twist with our creative services. Our creative team takes care of your visual appearance right from your product packaging to your final website appearance.
    We provide you with different graphic and creative services. We give your business a new identity by analyzing your needs. The process timeline depends upon which of the services your brand marketing need.
    We provide you with strategic creative services. When it comes to strategic creative services, it means that we undergo a strategic process while creating the design for your business. Hence, we first discuss and analyze which of the creative services your business needs and accordingly choose the right ones. Hence, the cost for the creative designs varies accordingly.

    FAQ's - Social Media

    All social media platforms are effective in generating brand awareness. By creating and sharing good quality and relevant content on social media, you can increase your reach and brand awareness. We study your business idea deeply and choose the right social media platform or various social media platforms strategically. We also take care that the marketing strategy of each social media platform is different.
    Social media platforms also provide you with space for paid advertisements. But, it is dependent on your business type to use paid social media advertisements.
    The main objective of social media marketing is to generate brand awareness. Collaborating with us will help you to attain the following benefits
  • Customer engagement
  • Gain brand recognition
  • Represent your brand values
  • Promoting your business effectively
  • Achieve goals in very cost-effective ways
  • We create and provide you with the quality content that will help you to gain maximum like, share and comment and increase your customer base and following.
    Social media marketing is all about creating and sharing content to increase your brand awareness. There is not a defined process to be followed while marketing on social media by us. All you need to do is to share your business idea and we create a strategic plan to win your social media marketing strategy.
    Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of digital marketing. It helps you to save both time and money as it provides you with the platform to reach a wider audience at the same time.

    FAQ's - E-learning

    We will create a full-proof website for your e-learning course. Elements of your website depending on the type, of course, you are going to offer. We need to consider your target audience such as
  • If academic then students age
  • If professional courses then which profession
  • Fashion-related
  • Fitness-related etc
  • In short, we will decide your website elements after knowing your target audience.
    Today is the trend of developing applications. We also offer and suggest many of the e-learning coaches develop an application to provide your students with ease.
    Yes, we do help in producing and editing the video to make it more attractive and informative. It is all about educating your students. Hence, we take care that the videos produced and videos edited are of high resolution and high quality. We always focus on keeping the audio and video of the clear.
    We design and develop the website and applications that contain high-end security. The website and application, design, and security is tested multiple times at each stage by us. The videos and the content on the website and application can only be visible when you share the password or key with your audience.
    You can convert your e-learning material into e-books easily with the help of online tools such as EPUB, PDF format, etc. you can also use them for marketing on the platforms such as Amazon Kindle, etc.
    Yes, we include CMS (content management system) in each of the websites we design and develop. We offer you the key and train you on how to change or update the content on your website easily.
    We not only design the website but, we focus on developing an education which is highly customized, according to your need. As you are an online learning course, we help you to design educational content that includes the following forms of educating content
  • Text
  • Graphic
  • Animated
  • Video
  • Audio
  • FAQ's - SEO Marketing services

    We provide you with the best SEO solutions that will not only help you gain organic traffic to your website but also it helps you to grow your business with measurable results.
    Our Best and unique SEO solutions will help you to gain the SERP ratings that will help you to increase your online visibility.
    According to your business needs and our best market analysis, we grow your online visibility with the following,
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Keywords search
  • Technical issues
  • Content marketing
  • Our SEO team very passionately follows the new and updated SEO marketing strategy.
    Following are the factors that make our SEO services different from others,
  • The passionate and dedicated SEO team
  • Customer-centric marketing approach
  • Help you gain the most targeted traffic
  • Focus more on local SEO
  • Always come up with updated content.
  • With great research and a better understanding of the market, our major focus will be on improving your online presence and SEO. We help you to keep your business ahead of the competition by updated keywords search relevant to your niche and proper placement of keywords.
    Optimizing your website according to the SEO standards is one of the best technical approaches to increase your online presence. Our technical team takes care of the following things related to website
  • Speed
  • Website responsiveness
  • Backlinks of the pages
  • Website architecture etc.
  • Our website audit and analysis helps to improve the website according to current SEO standards.

    FAQ's - Packaging Design services

    We not only design the packaging of your products differently but also take care that it compliments your brand. We design it with clarity and simplicity, and most importantly, it gives the whole idea to the customer about your brand.
    We understand that every product needs unique packaging. Hence, according to your product needs, we take care that your product packaging looks good along with it we, take care that your product is handled carefully after packaging. We customize the packaging of your products with proper care.
    Every product needs a different style of packaging. After having an understanding type of product, we decide and create exclusive packaging for it. Following are some packaging styles
  • Box packaging
  • Bag packaging
  • Packets
  • Tube
  • Bottles and
  • Cans etc
  • Charges of the packaging are never fixed. We believe in crafting your packaging uniquely. Hence, after discussing the product and type of its packaging, we can tell about the charges to be applied.
    We are well known for our timely services. Hence, after a discussion and type of packaging, you decide we can tell you the time constraints.

    FAQ's - Application Development

    We design the applications in a very innovative and user-centred way. Depending upon your business type and need keeping the best customer experience in mind, we create the following applications for your business
  • Website applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Android applications for both android and IOS
  • Hybrid applications and native applications
  • Hybrid apps are nothing but a mixture of both native and website applications. The hybrid app is a single app for all platforms.
    We develop the applications that give you
  • Improved features
  • Customer engaged
  • Creative user interface and user experience
  • We create applications that are highly customized. After having a deep understanding and discussion about your business needs, we will develop the application that suits best for you. Hence, the price for your customized application depends on its featured and graphics used in creating your application.