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Complete Marketing Solutions for
Education Sector

We are a
Result-Oriented Marketing Agency For Education Sector

We are a specialised Branding, Marketing, and Creative Agency for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Centres and all the other Educational Institutions.

Our Marketing expertise in Education sector is result-oriented and helps educational institutions build a strong brand image with brand strategy, boost admissions, and engage with potential students across Web, Digital, and Social platforms.

Our end-to-end marketing services

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Unique Marketing Strategy that builds trust and assurance with parents for enrolling admissions for their toddlers to preschools and daycare centers.


Focused education marketing plans, strategies, and result-oriented goals that help the K-12 schools’position as trusted brands.


Our Technology-enabled Marketing solutions give the international schools a competitive advantage that attracts students, teachers, and parents.


Performance-driven marketing strategies that attract targeted students to the Management Colleges or Business schools.


Our long-term result-oriented marketing strategy helps leverage college admissions with a comprehensive communication approach.


Our focused digital marketing solutions will help reach targeted students for technical training through awareness, and engagement across digital platforms.


We utilize every digital opportunity to help institutions reach and engage with their targeted students for training programmes.


Communication and Marketing strategies that attract prospective teachers for training programmes.


With our multi-channel marketing expertise, we support the trainingcenters with the right marketing approach for better enrollments.


The world is changing and there has been a significant transition in the way education has evolved over the last decade. With new and advanced methods of teaching and learning coming into practice it is important now more than ever, schools, colleges, universities, training institutions need to think the next level of brand building through professional Brand Marketing Agency.

  • Clearly Identify and set realistic goals
  • Create a website that provides all the required information
  • Leverage on Social media for awarness & engagement
  • Utilize the power of Multichannel Marketing for marketing reach
  • Measure Progress & Analytics


    At 72 DPI Skillz, we help build a successful and valued brand, right from identifying the targeted customers, attracting and engaging with them, building their long-term relationship with the brand and converting the engaged customers into loyal customers.

    Better brand presence online
    Better reach, relationship and engagement
    Build credibility and trust
    Competitive advantages
    Improve online customer experience
    Optimize search results

    Start Your Unique Education Marketing With us that drives Results!



    Market Research:

    It is the core of our marketing strategy. Clearly identifying the type and kind of market you would like to operate. Who is your customer and what are their needs?


    Brand Positioning:

    Identifying opportunities to understand about your branding goals and objectives. Position the brand appropriately with the target customers and market.


    Marketing Goals:

    We clearly understand the business goals and objectives and align our marketing goals to it for effective marketing results.


    Value Customer Expectations:

    Focus on creating a complete experience for customers where they get attracted to, engage with it & interact in the most convenient way, both online and offline channels.


    Engaging through authentic interactions:

    Build credibility and trust with real-time interactions so that the customers/ patients can connect well with the brand. Every communication is focused around building stories and narratives around interaction, and experiences.


    Integrated Marketing Communications:

    Build communications around the channel’s customers are active. This includes the experiences around digital, social, and print channels.


    Today, the education sector has evolved much. You need to have the latest marketing strategies and the latest market knowledge. In this fast marketing era, you need to cope up with the speed with some smarter marketing strategies. Working in collaboration with the marketing agency will help you to achieve your marketing objectives up to the mark. The marketing agency and its services help you to promote your school with their end to end marketing strategies. They have the best marketing services that will help you gain both online and offline marketing goals.
    Generating new leads with effective content marketing is popular. You need to make your content more effective and attractive. You need to make it appealing. A brand marketing agency helps you to make your content marketing more effective to build a strong SEO. This builds organic traffic to your website. Also, it will help you to increase engagement in your brand.
    Every school has unique objectives and goals. Marketing factors such as facilities given by the school, locality, school type, etc. need to be considered. After taking the market survey and understanding the requirements of whether to expand the reach in terms of geographic or increase in the enrolment of the students, you can decide the best suitable marketing strategy.
    You need not get confused if you are a school start-up and willing for a focused strategy for school marketing. You should first set your marketing goals and objectives so that it will be helpful for you to march confidently. Once your goals are set then you should consider the factors or requirements of your marketing school. Every aspect of the strategy may be online or offline is useful for you. Make a planned strategy so that no stone remains unturned. Take the help of a professional marketing agency and services company to meet your school start-up goals.
    There are many low budget strategies available for your school. You can focus on gaining attention towards your schools with strategies such as bringing referrals, SEO content, content marketing, e-mail marketing, press releases and news, social media marketing. You should make sure that you show your presence as much as possible. May it be online or offline. Participation in the knowledge fairs and tradeshows can also help you effectively market your school.
    You need to make your SEO strong to increase your brands' online visibility. You need to focus on the content that you are going to represent on your website and other online platforms. SEO helps you to increase organic traffic to your website. It in turn increases enrollment numbers to your education institution. A brand marketing agency considers and focuses on all the areas of SEO improvement to increase your SERP. Here are some focus areas to improve your SEO. Click here to have a complete idea.

    Thinking Of Building Your Educational Brand?